(Foodies Anonymous Questions)


The big day, the grand celebration, the event of a life time. Whatever it is, we are here to help make everything perfect. Here is a quick Q&A of our most frequently asked questions.

Why should we choose Foodies Anonymous?

There are many caterers out there, selling the same thing and all promising top quality food. What sets us apart? None of them can match our unblemished 5 star reputation. We have served hundreds of unique wedding experiences.  


Trust in our sterling reputation, we come well recommended. 

There are no "packages" listed on your website. Why is that?

We feel that every wedding should be unique. No two couples are alike and our creative flexibility allows us to personally tailor something for YOU! Call us today to build your dream event.

I want something different.... any ideas?

Absolutely! Customize a live action, outdoor marché style buffet for an experience your guests will remember! Imagine... Cedar planked salmon sides glazed with maple syrup and mustard crusted prime rib coming off a charcoal pit,  sliced in front of you.... Mussels being sauteed by a chef, in front of your guests in a rich white wine and tomato broth.... Oysters being shucked on a bar made completely of ice. Fresh crisp vegetables steamed a-la-minute. A bonfire with gourmet s’mores. A bartender flaring bottles.... the possibilities are endless, the WOW factor is real!

Can we book a tasting?

Because of the immense amounts of time it takes to prepare custom menu’s, we do not offer tastings. We are happy to show you our growing/glowing book of testimonials from other ecstatic couples OR call us and book a dinner to see us in action first hand!

How far will you travell?

Currently, our services are available in all of Southern Ontario from Niagara to Muskoka and everything between. We have the tools to set up mobile catering “kitchens” in fields, on docks or in halls. The possibilities are limitless.

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The wedding booking process


1 Consultation. One of our chefs and event managers will contact you to gather all of the information we require to be able to build a great menu. We want to understand your vision, service requirements, what you love to eat and if your family has any allergies or special dietary requirements.


2 Proposal. We take a good look at your event requirements and will create a proposal/event order for your wedding day.  We are committed to ensuring transparency in our proposals... meaning that you wont be surprised with extra costs. Everything from Menu, service, setup, take down, bar, rentals etc. is listed on one form.


3 Revisions. The same event specialist will followup with an in home meeting or phone call to go over all of the proposal details with you. Any questions can and will be answered. From this point we create a revised event proposal for you.


4 Booking Confirmation. By now we hope you understand the Foodies difference, and contract us to cater your wedding. A signed contract and deposit is obtained. From that point forward the date in our calendar is reserved for your wedding. WOOOOOWOOOO! 


5 Month-Out Meeting. During the time leading up to your wedding we welcome emails and calls at any time to ensure all of the elements of your event are lining up correctly. At the one month out point, we schedule a meeting at our office or via phone to go over all of our guest service questions and final setup ... giving you the peace of mind that all is looked after and in good hands.

PSSSSSSHEWWWWWW..... that was a lot of information. Give us a call so we can answer your questions and start the process of building YOUR epic menu.