Nutrition Coaching

Let our experienced chefs help you with your nutrition goals. From one on one coaching for dietary needs, to cooking lessons, to healthy eating philosophies, we will empower you to eat well and lead a better life!


A quick snippet of where we could start with YOU!


One of the cornerstones to our healthy eating philosophies is eating live fruits and vegetables. Foods in our current North American diet are all to often heat or mechanically processed in order to fit the shelf stable demands we require. Unfortunately our bodies have suffered immensely. We as omnivores, require raw vegetables not only from a nutrition standpoint but also from the diversity of living enzymes they contain. These enzymes are crucial to the bodies digestive system and therefore crucial to our overall health. Think of an enzyme as a key to unlocking all the potential of nutrients jam packed into raw fruits and vegetables.... without them our bodies are able to process only a fraction of what they contain. So when we eat cooked or processed foods solely, we are quite literally getting full, yet starving ourselves.

A great solution to this is to augment our current diets (lets face it, it is hard to change what we know or like) with the enzymes we need....enter sprouts! By simply consuming a few handfuls of live sprouted seeds/nuts per day we are able to boost our bodies ability to digest everything else we eat! Freshly sprouted seeds are packed with enzymes that function to literally unpack the dormant seed into the nutrient dense package needed for a plant to survive the first weeks of life. We eat the sprouted seed.... we get the enzymes! Its that simple.

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