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Top five things to look for in a wedding caterer!

April 30, 2015


Before we even begin, you might ask yourself if it isn’t self-serving and biased for a catering company to offer the top five things to look for in a catering company... the answer should be YES! BUT...... At Foodies Anonymous we started to do this for the love of the food. We do not follow the textbook catering playbook of most caterers.... in fact we pride ourselves in the often painstakingly difficult process of bring a restaurant to you so that you can have the highest quality food possible!


Anyways, enough about us. This is the top five things to look for in a wedding caterer..... and the reason we are so successful.


1) Hot holding food - Ask your caterer how they hot hold the food to be served at your event. Most will heat it up in a offsite satellite kitchen, wrap it tight and store it in insulated food boxes for up to 4 hours prior to you eating it. Your canapé are soggy, prime rib is overcooked, your potatoes are wet and taste like the vegetables that have over steamed next to them..... I feel like a broken record but this is how 99.99% of all caterers operate. The other .01% will painstakingly transport expensive and heavy equipment (ovens, grills, griddles, vegetable pots with rocket burners etc...) because they know that the ONLY way to get restaurant quality food is to prepare it a-la-minute (restaurant for exactly when it is needed). This way your roasted potatoes are still crispy, your vegetables are vibrant (not to mention still nutritious) and have a crunch, your prime rib is perfectly cooked, your mashed potatoes are whipped fluffy....you get the idea... why don’t the caterers.


2) Face to face meeting - Can you meet with the Chef to discuss the food and feel his/her passion. You should know within 5 minutes of a conversation with a chef if they love to cook or its just a job. If all you can meet is the event manager, make sure you really know what you are getting into.


3) Customization - Henry Ford said People can have the Model T in any color - as long as it's black. Can your catering company really customize a meal to fit exactly what YOU want? Most companies fall short and offer what Ford referred to as mass customization (Wedding package A, B or C). A great catering company will start by asking about your favorite foods, your food likes and dislikes and custom build something that is EXACTLY right for you.


4) Reputation - Have you heard good things? Let’s be honest, the little guy deserves a chance BUT with such a big event at stake you need to be certain your caterers can pull off incredible food without any hitches. Make sure your caterer has a book of references or testimonials, and doesn’t mind if you want to talk to a former bride and groom to see actually how it all was.


5) WOW factor - Most catering companies fall short in this category. They make the food, deliver it and POOF they are gone. Your buffet table is set up and looks anemic - steam chafers on a white tablecloth and onsite staff that aren’t necessarily professionals of their respective trades. At foodies Anonymous we create experiences.... it is no simple task but with painstaking attention to detail, food and its displays that make you go "WOW", staff that LOVE what they do, we hit the sweet spot every time!








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May 2, 2014

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